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Welcome to Glaries

An exclusive dating app that gives you just what you want – real people and real dates!

Why Glaries is so different from others?

  • Real Dates With Real People

    In Glaries you meet only real people with real profiles.

  • Always Active Profiles

    Every single profile you come across in Glaries belongs to an active user and you’ll get a quick response.

  • Direct Purpose

    You know exactly what your date wants: Love, Hook up, Friendly chat, Drinks, Coffee, Night Out.

  • No Need Waiting For A Match

    Be the decider of your own date, choose who takes your fancy.

  • No Need For Aimless Conversations

    No frustration that comes with endless messages that often lead to nothing. Only chat to your date to arrange further details of the meeting.

  • 10 Second Video Pitch Function

    Receive / Send a 10 second video message. Sit back and wait for you admirers to send you a personalized video message.

How Glaries works?

You have 2 ways!

Set up a date

First, you can choose whether you’re looking for a love, hook-up, relationship, coffee or a few drinks - followed by a location and time. Then, simply let fellow Glaries come to you! You get to approve them too, by reviewing 10-second video applications to your proposed date.

Join a date

You can apply to join a date with someone you quite fancy by sending them a fun, quirky video. See who’s nearby and ask to join their date! Check out who she/he/they is. Tell her or him about yourself in 10 seconds and make her or him to choose you.





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